Our Convention

Our Convention

On Monday, November 4, the next generation will gather to answer the call and lead the charge that will propel Boston into the future. Our Convention will be a day of connection, inspiration, and mobilization as you prepare to be the future leaders of our region. It is our voice, our future, and Our Convention. Are you joining us?


For one day, the future leaders of our city will rally together, catalyzing impact that will extend for 365 days. Our Convention calls upon our community to remain engaged, mobilized, and connected. Our Convention, "INpowered: Navigating Through a Changing World", is City Awake’s annual conference, the largest convening of young professionals in the region. 

At Our Convention, young professionals have the chance to leverage their position and voices to come together enhance the lives of all young professionals in the Greater Boston Area.

2019 Agenda

Check out this year's full agenda!

More about Our Convention:

City Awake is a program of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, focused on mobilizing and empowering the next generation of leaders into active contributors in shaping the future of Greater Boston. “Our Convention” is the largest convening of young professionals in Greater Boston and City Awake’s annual conference. In our 5th year, we will attract over 600 emerging leaders to discuss the important issues facing the region. This year’s theme, “INpowered: Navigating Through a Changing World” focuses on giving young professionals the tools they need to succeed both professionally and personally in the city of Boston.

Our Convention includes three tracks throughout the day: Leadership Development, Civic Engagement, and Financial Wellness. In addition to these tracks we will have a variety of activations taking place that focus on professional and personal development. The audience will include a range of people who are in the early years of their career and trying to afford living in Boston to those who have been in the professional world for 10+ years and are starting to build families, get marries, buy houses, etc. We believe that Our Convention is a great opportunity for young professionals to connect with each other, hear from inspiring local leaders and leave the day with tangible tips and tools that enhance their overall experience in the City of Boston. 


More about this year's theme, "INpowered: Navigating Through a Changing World": 

2019 has been a commemorative year for Women here at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Women’s Network. At our Pinnacle Awards and Annual Meeting, we’ve demonstrated that we are “all in” when it comes to women in business, and now is the time for young professionals to be INpowered to lead the charge. 

With constant change in our worlds, we also wanted to remind young professionals that City Awake is here to help guide and support you through the evolution of our community. That's why we added on the subtitle "Navigating Through a Changing World". We want young professionals to remember that their voices are heard and are important as our world continues to change. We hope that you leave the day feeling INpowered and ready to Navigate Through Your Changing World. 

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