We survey young professionals and analyze data to better understand Greater Boston's millennial population and how you experience living and working in our region. The results help inform our programming and policy work, as we strive to make our region the best place for you to start and grow your careers and businesses.

City of Millennials: Improving the Future Prospects of Our Region and Its Young Adults

In 2017, we partnered with the Boston Foundation on a research report called City of Millennials: Improving the Future Prospects of our Region and Its Young Adults. The report found that Greater Boston’s millennial population is more racially and ethnically diverse and more educated than any wave of young adults before, but that housing and economic mobility are persistent challenges impacting how this population experiences life in our region. The report provides an overview and analysis of trends among Greater Boston’s young adult population and examines key findings from a new survey of local millennials conducted by Boston Indicators and City Awake, a program of the Greater Boston Chamber. The goal of the report was to gain a baseline understanding of millennials’ perceptions and challenges in order to guide future work addressing these concerns.

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