We study the issues impacting your ability to succeed in Greater Boston and engage you and other next-gen leaders in discourse designed to generate solutions. 

Millennials of Color

The experience of millennials matters to Greater Boston’s success now and in the future. As a city, we’ve built a reputation for world class talent. Half of the workforce in Boston is classified as millennials, and nearly half of millennials in Greater Boston are racial minorities. Yet, in a recent City Awake report we found a divergent experience for millennials of color in Greater Boston. In addition to revealing that "black and Latino millennials are most likely to report having incomes insufficient to meet their needs,” it confirmed the ongoing narrative of Greater Boston as an unwelcoming destination for young professionals of color. Boston must improve its image and increase access to opportunities for millennials of color in order to continue to compete globally for exceptional talent.  

City Awake is working to address this issue through a number of initiatives, including hosting a citywide festival with the objective of creating a welcoming and inspiring experience for millennials of color in Greater Boston. 


Our “City of Millennials” report told us that access to affordable housing was identified as the top issue of concern for millennials in Boston. With rents steadily increasing across the city, and the goal of home-ownership often a distant dream for a generation addled by student debt, it is vital that Greater Boston becomes a more affordable place to live for the next generation. To ensure this critically important issue remains a focus of public and private sector leaders, City Awake will be convening next generation individuals at engaging, unique events over the course of the next year to explore the challenges associated with housing affordability and potential solutions.